Our team

Our SENJORO team consists of qualified, professional, empathetic and, most importantly, lovers of their work. As long as the administration and city department coordinators keep the program running smoothly, our social worker assistants spend days with seniors. In this way we can pay special attention not only to the care of seniors, but also to socialization, bringing more good emotions, warm communication to a cup of coffee and interesting events and picnics organized by SENIOR to their lives.

Our partners

The SENIOR team always feels great gratitude to their partners, who work with us to create a positive old age. Want to become our friends?
Contact sveiki@senjoro.lt


The RIMI chain of stores is our partner in Klaipeda. When opening a new store in Klaipeda, he gave our social worker assistants virtual "Silver Line" training on communication with seniors, as well as 80 RIMI gift cards to congratulate our seniors on their birthday and activated RIMI discount cards with special discounts for all seniors' social worker assistants. seniors.

We rejoice in our friendship and are grateful for the invaluable assistance in the daily lives of seniors. Food and household goods are inevitable for everyone, but seniors need special discounts, and unexpected gifts for essential needs make each of our customers happy.


Our seniors know where the bread of the oldest traditions and other delicacies are baked - in Biržai. Kmyninė, which sells Biržų duona products, participates in the birthday party of each of our customers. In January, the company became a SENJORO partner, setting up fresh symbolic gifts every month. Our customers especially praise the branches, they say that they are not tasty!

While the seniors are tasting, we are happy with this friendship and admire not only the high-quality production of Biržų Bread, the cherishing of traditions, but also the great respect for sustainability, as well as the goodwill of the seniors - they appreciate it.

100 more smiles

Get acquainted with "100 Smiles More" - a social project run by the Vilnius Rotaract Club for one of the most sensitive social groups - single, poor grandparents in Lithuania. This is another organization of young people who care about important things. More recently, we organized a campaign to surprise 63 lonely and poor customers in Kaunas and Marijampolė. We gave the grandparents gift vouchers, groceries and books to keep them healthy, full and meaningfully busy!